• Disney World Vacation

    We chose Judy to be our travel agent for our first vacation at Disney World. Judy took care of many things for us that made the trip very easy to navigate. She was very knowledgeable about which hotel would be a great fit for us, and planned everything thing out for us from the park and fly, to the park hopper passes. Judy also gave great suggestions about events to do at the parks, which was great because of the overwhelming size of Disney World. The vacation was a huge success to our family and will definitely be using Judy on our next vacation!

    By: David Collandra
    Reviewed on: 17 Jul 2018
    Travel end date: 07 Jul 2018

  • Disney Trip

    Michelle planned my recent trip to Disney for 6 of us. She made it very simple and explained things so I understood all our options. Everything went according to plan and smoothly. We had a great time. I'm planning a couple upcoming trips and will use Michelle's help again.

    By: Paula D
    Reviewed on: 22 Jun 2018

  • Wonderful Incredible fabulous service!!!

    There is no doubt that working with a travel agent is far superior to doing things yourself. Suzanne took care of everything and in any small problem that the airlines and airports threw at us (and that is what airlines do now) she responded and fixed it immediately! She can reach out to solve problems in the furthest places and seems to know everything! What a marvelous professional!! This dedicated professional is truly the best person I have worked with!!!! Not only is she adept at circumventing problems but when something unforeseen arises she solves it immediately.

    By: Ed Smith
    Reviewed on: 29 Jun 2018

  • Danube River Cruise

    Christine is by far the best travel advisor we have ever worked with. We have 2 future vacations already scheduled with Chris. We have recommended her to our family and friends and always will. Our trip on the Avalon Danube River Cruise from Prague to Budapest is now our TOP FAVORITE vacation. We can't imagine any other trip topping it, but we know the next one we schedule with Chris will be just as exceptional. Chris is the type of person who always goes "above and beyond". All anyone has to do when a trip is planned with Chris is pack your bags and show up at the airport. From that point on, every detail has been taken care of ahead of time for you. The trip portfolio is extremely organized for each day of your trip. We can only say positive remarks regarding our experience working with Christine Van Vorst.

    By: Lischak's
    Reviewed on: 11 May 2018

  • The Best!

    Bonnie was simply amazing. In a crazy day and age when just finding time to take a vacation let alone stay organized enough to remember all the details and coordination...Bonnie excelled. Bonnie is just wonderful..great tips...she did great research and truly kept us on top of the details so simply and amazingly. I would highly highly recommend you use her....can't say enough great things!

    By: The MacDonalds
    Reviewed on: 03 Mar 2018
    Travel end date: 24 Feb 2018

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