The Blue Skies Travel Team

The agents at Blue Skies Travel utilize our resources and relationships within the industry to build maxiize your travel experience.  Through our membership in Virtuoso we have a personal relationship with top suppliers in the travel industry, as well as resources for training, both of which ensure that using our services will enhance your travel experience.  We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to your travel desires and being creative in the travel planning.  

We build relationships with our clients in order to offer the right product suited to each travelers' specific needs, and by reviewing each trip when you return we continue to evolve your travel preferences as your experiences continue. 

Our agents have their own Virtuoso profiles! To find the agent that is most compatible with your traveling needs, click on their "View My Profile" link to access their Virtuoso profiles. There, you will find some information about each of the agents.

Our Full-time Agents

Independent Contractors

Our Independent Contractors primarily work from home, and you can call them at the regular business hours listed at the top of the page. You can always contact our main office if you cannot reach them.


If you're not sure who you are looking for, then feel free to email us at and an agent will get back to you!

If you have an accounting question you can always contact Joe Mahar

If you're looking specifically for a Disney Vacation, you may email us at and one of our Disney specialist agents will get back to you!


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