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Blue Skies Travel is a family owned Travel Agency located in East Greenbush, NY. For the last 21 years we have proven we truly make our clients our number one priority. There is no better place to get your travel information than a trusted travel agent as we work with you to find your dream vacation! Take advantage of our 21 years of expertise at no charge to you!!

With the latest technologies and years of expereince, there is no reason to believe that we will not find you the best values at the best prices, all while offering a friendly and local atmosphere the minute you step in the office. So take the stress and uncertainty out of planning your vacation and let our personalized service help you create the vacation of a lifetime!

If you plan to stop in to pick up documents or brochure, or to make a payment, we encourage you to let us know so we expect you and so we can let you know if we have other appointments scheduled at that time.  Of course, if you stop in without an appointment we will do our best to accommodate you at that time, or we can set up an appointment for you at your convenience.

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Recently, we have received a prestigious appointment to the most powerful organization in luxury travel, Virtuoso. Less than one percent of travel agencies in America are admitted for membership in this renowned network of luxury travel specialists, who represent combined annual sales of more than $9.6 billion in luxury leisure travel.

Our new membership in Virtuoso will provide you with many benefits.  Leveraging the combined buying power of Virtuoso, we will now be able to not only offer the most competitive pricing in luxury travel, but also special added-value amenities, at no cost to you.  This translates to complimentary room upgrades, airport transfers, special dining experiences, exclusive shore excursions and custom itineraries for you, offered by the world’s best providers of upscale travel.

Beyond the monetary values, our membership in Virtuoso gives us reinforced direct relationships with the finest hotels, resorts, spas, cruise lines and tour operators in the world.  Your designation as our client, with the Virtuoso endorsement, will ensure that you are treated with utmost respect and care wherever your travels take you.

The expanded resource of knowledge and specializations available to us via Virtuoso will assist us in creating the most intricate travel itineraries, in order to meet your specific interests and preferred style of travel.  We now have direct contacts with ground operators in more than 70 countries, all dedicated to ensuring your happiness and comfort while you travel.  Need a personal guide in Hong Kong? English-speaking driver in Moscow?  Translator for the Istanbul market?  We can secure these and hundreds of other services with confidence that we are providing you with the top specialists in each destination.

The most exciting benefit of our new Virtuoso membership is the exclusive travel offers that we will now provide to you.  Through our new publications and special invitations, you’ll discover extraordinary travel offers only available to clients of (Agency Name).  Many of these rare trips, by their nature, can only be offered to a small number of discerning travelers, and we’re confident that you’ll be intrigued by many of these unusual opportunities.


In addition to putting together and organizing vacations for you, we also offer other services for your convience, all of which make your trip extra special! These enhancements include:

  • Bridal and Gift Registry 
  • Shore excursion and sightseeing tours
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport parking discounts
  • Travel gift certificates
  • Provide you with important and up-to-date traveling information.
  • International cell phone rentals
  • An after hours contact in case of emergency

Please call (518) 477-4700 for more information or with any questions you may have! You can also email us at info@blueskiestravel.com!

Please feel free to view and/or contact our agents here!

Since 2007,  Blue Skies Travel has been recognized by Disney as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and part of the Earmarked Agency program.  

In 2010, we received a special award from Disney's EarMarked Program. In recognition for helping clients experience the heart of the magic with the highest level of service and professionalism, we have received a heart from one of 100 architectural details found on Minnie's Country House in Mickey's Toontown.

In 1988, Minne Mouse created Mickey's Birthdayland to celebrate Mickey's 60th birthday. Originally planned to be a temporary surprise, two years later it was still a favorite among guests. So in 1990, it got a brand-new feel and a whole new name: Mickey's Starland. In 1996, to celebrate Walt Disney World's 25th anniversary, it was reborn as Mickey's Toontown Fair, which included new shows and attractions such as Minnie's Country House. Pink and precious, adorned with hearts and Minnie's favorite crafts, it was the perfect place for Minnie to relax every day after playing with her pals in the park.

Now as Fantasyland adds more magic with the latest expansion, Mickey's Toontown Fair has moved on. But it's spirit will always have a place in our hearts. And now, one of Toontown's many Minnie hearts will always have a place with us...

So please, feel free to check out our architectural heart from Minnie's Country House in the office when booking your Disney vacation!


What is Disney's EarMarked Program?

As part of Disney's EarMarked Program, Blue Skies Travel is recognized by Disney as having sustantial knowledge of Disney products and known for providing our clients with  value and expertise in planning magical Disney Vacations.

Now in our 20th year in business, Blue Skies Travel is the top Honeymoon Destination agency in the Albany Capital District, with top recognition from Walt Disney Travel Company and Sandals and Beaches Ultra All Inclusive resorts.  We have been recognized since 2010 as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner by Disney Travel Company, and since 2011 as a Preferred Sandals Specialist agency.  Both recognitions place Blue Skies Travel as a leader in booking both destinations.

Our staff is also well versed in booking leisure vacations, in particular All Inclusives in the Caribbean, cruises to Europe, the Caribbean, and Alaska, vacations to Hawaii and many other leisure vacations destinations.

  • Blue Skies Travel accepts online reservations. We recognize that there are many online booking engines available out there, all with huge marketing budgets, but NONE of those large search engines offer the expertise that our office provides.  
  • Each vacation is unique, and it is more than just booking flights and a resort.  We don't stop there, the planning process is about the entire experience, which includes transfers, excursions, insurance options, and even discounted parking at the airports.  There is so much to planning the entire experience, that we offer ways to save you money beyond the basic package while enhancing your experience.  It is amazing how often private transfers are cheaper or equal to the cost of shared transfers... which would never be known without speaking with an agent during this planning process.
  • Our agents will work with all clients, whether booked on our site, over the phone, or in person to make sure the trip is perfect!  
  • Our documents are unmatched.  We provide a folder with information regarding your trip, which is much nicer than receiving an email with basic information that you are expected to print out and bring on vacation.  
  • All of these services at no additional cost.  We are paid by the travel supplier, our compenstation is built into the cost of your trip, so you are paying for a travel agent whether you use one or not... so why not recieve the services you are paying for.  It is also important to note, most of our suppliers price match anything found online, so there is no need to worry about paying more for our packages or our service.  
  • Blue Skies Travel's membership in the consortium Virtuoso offers values and discounts to our clients, unmatched in the industry.  This membership gives us the volume to compete with the large online and box retailers.

Our agents work many different hours, so call or email to set up an appointment outside of our normal hours. If you plan to stop in to pick up documents or brochure, or to make a payment, we encourage you to let us know so we expect you and so we can let you know if we have other appointments scheduled at that time.  Of course, if you stop in without an appointment we will do our best to accommodate you at that time, or we can set up an appointment for you at your convenience.

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